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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions regarding the technical aspect of your meeting please send us an email at

"I just tried to log in, but my zoom link doesn't seem to be working. Why am I taken to a blank zoom page?" If you are trying to long in prior to the start time of your meeting or right at the start time you may not be able to join the meeting. Please wait a few minutes then try your link again. You will only be able to join the meeting at or after the time indicated in your AGM package.

"Up until what point am I able to register?" Your meeting's registration is actively monitored up until the start time of your meeting. Any registrations after that point may experience a delay in being approved.

"Where do I go to register for my upcoming meeting?" Your corporation will provide you with the registration package from MeetMyCondo. If your corporation has opted-in for registration this package will include the registration link.

"I have not received my ballot to vote." If you submitted a proxy and did not revoke it at the start of the meeting you will not be receiving a ballot as your proxy will be voting on your behalf. If you have not submitted a proxy or revoked your proxy, please refresh your inbox and check your spam and junk inboxes. If you are still having issues, please message a MeetMyCondo representative via the Chat in Zoom.

"Can I vote if I have submitted a proxy?" If you have submitted a proxy and would like to vote you will need to revoke your proxy at the beginning of the meeting by informing a MeetMyCondo representative via the Chat. If you do not revoke your proxy, you will not be able to vote as your proxy holder will be voting on your behalf.

"Why can't I hear anyone?" If you are having audio issues, please select your microphone icon and arrow or “Audio Settings” on your zoom page. You will need to change your selected microphone or speaker or troubleshoot your audio to try and solve the issue.

"Why can't I see myself on the screen during the zoom meeting?" All attendees who are not on the panel will automatically have their microphone's muted and video turned off. Attendees will need to be unmuted by the host to be able to speak.

"Where can I find my Zoom controls?" If you are using a laptop, desktop, or cellphone your controls will be located at the bottom of your screen. If you are using a tablet your controls will be located at the top of your screen.

"Why can't I see everyone?" If you are on a cell phone or tablet if the slide show is being presented you may not be able to see the panelists speaking. If you are on a laptop or desktop, you can change your viewing mode to “Speaker View”. This will allow you to see the PowerPoint with the panelists listed at the top.

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