Set Up

Meet My Condo works with management and/or condominium corporation's liaison in the set up of the virtual meeting.

We use the Zoom online hosted platform, provide step-by-step instructions on how to register for each meeting and other relevant information.


Meet My Condo provides an easy to follow registration process for participants.

We monitor registrations prior to, and leading up to the meeting to ensure that all participants are properly registered to attend and approved by clients. We also manage attendance upon entry to a meeting.

Dry Run with Panel

Meet My Condo wants to ensure that our clients are comfortable and prepared for their virtual meeting. We conduct a half hour dry run with the panel members, create and provide a PowerPoint presentation which outlines the technical aspects of the virtual platform and how the meeting will be held. The purpose of the dry run is to alleviate any concerns.

Online Voting

Meet My Condo provides online voting features that are included with our virtual meeting service. Voting will take place using an online platform called ElectionBuddy.
This platform allows participants to vote using a smartphone, tablet and/or computer and an email address.
Ballots will be sent to the email address of the participant during the voting portion of the meeting and the results can be confirmed and reviewed at the end of the meeting.


If participants are unable to attend a meeting, they can submit a proxy. Meet My Condo works with management companies and/or condominium corporation's liaisons and accepts validated proxies prior to the meeting.

Additional Services

Minute Taking: Meet My Condo has teamed with Waverley Chambers Inc., to provide minute-taking services to ensure that the meeting affairs are properly recorded.

Promotion: Let us set you up with an Elia Associate PC Lawyer to chair your meeting, and gain a $200.00 meeting credit.

Contact us for a price list and more details about the services we offer.